Roxana Suarez & Sebastian Achaval

Performing on Saturday, 9th May 2020

Roxana & Sebastián, a couple whose elegance has made a huge impression during our previous LTF editions. They will be here again this year to share their vision of perfection within the art of dancing tango.


FRIDAY, 8th MAY 2020

18h30/19h45: Show (Room 1)

SATURDAY, 9th May 2020

13h00/15h00: Seminar 1 (Room 1)

15h15/17h15: Seminar 2 (Room 1)

SUNDAY, 10th MAY 2020

13h00/15h00: Seminar 3 (Room 1)

* Seminar Sebastián Achaval and Roxana Suarez: full seminar only / maximum 12 couples
€ 125,00 per person - 6 hours of seminar
Upon payment, seminar participants will receive an email to get 10% off any additional class.