Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez

Performing on Friday, 10th May 2019

saturday, 11th May 2019

12h30/14h00: Show (*)

14h00/15h30: A la suite (**)

15h30/17h00: Social (***)

17h00/18h30: Pedagogy (****)

Sunday, 12th May 2019

17h00/18h30: Turns

(*) Show – all that has to do with giving and enjoying a performance.Aimed at both professional and amateur dancers, this class will deal with the difference between improvisation and choreography, and touch on musical ideas, styles, space management and the different contexts where a performance can take place (milongas, theaters, small spaces, etc.).

(**) « A la suite… » - one theme, three couples.The concept is simple, yet innovative: a first couple starts teaching the class on a chosen theme, then passes the torch to a second couple who continues to build on that subject before giving the stage to a third and final couple who will finish the lesson.

(***) Social – all that has to do with the milonga: theory and practice.From structures for small spaces to the philosophy in the dance, touching on space management, the invitation, the choice of a song and with who to dance it with… all you’ve always wanted to know.

(****) Pedagogy – all that has to do with teaching and taking a class.Intended for teachers and students of all levels who want to understand how to build a class, that is, making out the essential information that wants sharing and learning.