2nd edition

Lyon Tango Festival

9-12 MAY 2019

Together, to gather, to share, to unite… for its second edition, the LYON TANGO FESTIVAL comes together once again in Villefranche-sur-Saône, a small town near Lyon.

We have invited maestros who are nothing short of exceptional, in both their artistic abilities and teaching methods.

At the heart of the event the TINKERS Association will be offering their experience in including people with disabilities. In the first edition of the festival in 2017, the Inclusion Milonga was a bona fide experience and emotions ran high.

If you have an open mind, if you enjoy sharing with anyone and everyone, regardless of your background or tango approach, then this event was made for you!

We wait for you with open arms,
Carlitos, Adam et les Associations Tango Pasión et TNT Lyon Tango

Asociatiòn Tinkers

Andrea Seewald is a professional contemporary dancer from Austria, a Feldenkrais Practitioner, a trainer in LNB-Motion and a passionate Argentine
tango teacher.

Matías Haber is a professional Uruguayan opera singer and an avid tango dancer.

Andrea and Matías belong to this crazy and loving group of idealists, who at some point in their lives and against all rational thought, decided to dedicate themselves to their mission. Five years ago, they turned their back on their careers with the following argument in mind: “We look for authenticity and we are tired of the egotism that can sometimes surround artistic communities. We want to follow the call of our hearts. We want to touch as many people as possible. The day we look back, we want to feel we actively supported and contributed to a positive union.” During those years, Andrea and Matías have worked with people of different physical and mental capacities.

Throughout the years the Tinkers have developed a world-renowned teaching method. Thanks to the success of their work and to the essential contribution they have made to the development of inclusiveness, which is reflected in their workshops and festivals, Andrea and Matías were invited to participate in a congress held every two years at the Bregenz Opera, to both the International Down Syndrome Congress of Austria and Germany, as well as the International Down Syndrome Congress of India in 2018.